Server Rakes In $1,700 In Donations After Angry Diner Refused To Tip Her Over COVID Rules

A customer, furious about the 90-minute seating limit rule at Glenbrook Brewery in Morristown, New Jersey, opted not to tip their server.

I wanted to share this receipt from a local business last night and do a bit of explaining for those who need it. Bars...

Posted by Jamie Lauren on Saturday, April 3, 2021

The irate customer chose not to leave a tip, but instead left a charming note on their receipt, reading, “I’m sorry the server gets screwed on this. Don’t kick paying customers out after 90 minutes.”

Currently, the COVID guidelines mandated by the State of New Jersey allow for 50% seating capacity.


The Glenbrook Brewery has established other COVID precautions and policies, such as QR-code digital menus and limiting the seating time to 90 minutes or less, with the intent to turn over tables and serve as many customers as possible. The time limit allows the brewery to have a constant stream of revenue, a strategy that many restaurants have been utilizing to help their businesses stay open.

Glenbrook Brewery has only been open since December 2020, and each policy is prominently displayed online and throughout the establishment, including the doors and signs at each and every table.

The server, identified as a woman named Beth, waited on the table of four and approached them at the 80-minute mark of their visit, gently reminding them to wrap up their time at the brewery. 

Beth is a nurse who is working at the brewery part-time to help put herself through a doctoral program, and has been described by her co-workers as, “outstanding.”

“Our (taproom manager) said, ‘Did you enjoy yourself?’ and (the customer) said, ‘Yes,’ the manager asked ‘Was the beer good?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Was the service good?’ ‘Yes.’ But he still chose to leave zero tip.”

Darren Cregan, Creative Director of Glenbrook Brewery

After a post detailing the situation was shared in a local Facebook group, the Morristown community decided to rectify the situation, and $1,700 has been donated to the hardworking server who got stiffed.

As reported by TODAY, Beth plans to only take a portion of the funds for herself. The remaining funds will be divided with her fellow serving co-workers at Glenbrook, and Beth also plans to help health care workers as well.


Written by Abigale Racine