When A Teen Girl With Cancer Asked The Make-A-Wish Foundation For A Pet Dragon They Didn’t Even Blink

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Belle Cress, 14, just became a dragon master.

After battling a rare form of bone cancer that required several surgeries and 10 months of chemotherapy, Make-A-Wish stepped in to help the fantasy-loving Cress live out her dream of owning a dragon and having magical adventures with it.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish Denver teamed up with Arrow Electronics to create a robotic dragon and create an immersive, magical experience for the teen.

Make-A-Wish Foundation

She has since named her robotic best friend, Dusk.

According to the Good News Network, Dusk is made up of printed 3D scales, 26 motors, and several computer boards.

The robot has the ability to recognize Belle’s face, respond in different ways to touch, and make dragon-like movements, like flexing its marvelous wings. 

The first meeting took place in virtual reality, courtesy of emergeStudios, which allowed Cress to be transported to a magical land, all with Dusk by her side. In virtual reality, the pair explored the Cherokee Ranch & Castle in Colorado — a modern construction of  a 15th-century-style castle.

Cress recounts her and Dusk’s enchanting experience.

“Excited … like a feeling that I can’t really explain in my chest … sort of nervous.. excited. I’ve loved dragons ever since I can remember.”

Belle Cress

Watch the construction process of Dusk below.

Arrow “Belle’s Dragon” from Steve Urbano on Vimeo.

Written by Abigale Racine