Man Runs Two Miles To Be Reunited With Stolen Dog

A dachshund named Minnie has officially been with her family, after she was apprehended while on a walk with her owner, Joanna Fox.

James Fox

Fox, 50, was having a “really peaceful” evening before she was pushed to the ground by two male assailants outside of a petrol station. One attacker held his fist to her face while the second grabbed her beloved pet by the collar and was taken away. As reported by the BBC, Minnie “was shouting in pain.”

Derbyshire Police

Luckily, the Fox family received a call from their vet to say that a couple had found Minnie on the street. Son James Fox, 22, decided to drive to the vet to collect Minnie when he hit serious traffic. Fox noticed he didn’t have much gas left in his tank, and he found himself unable to sit and wait in traffic. He abandoned his car and started running toward the vet’s office.

“There was that much traffic I thought it was quicker to run. I asked a few people where it was and sprinted towards the vets.

I wasn’t thinking – I had three miles [of fuel] left in my tank too and did not want to risk it.”

James Fox

Minnie was elated to see a familiar face when Fox arrived to the rescue. Fox said that the wiener dog “jumped in my arms and did not want to get out”.

James Fox

Sweet, little Minnie only suffered from some scratches on her nose and she is recovering. The entire Fox family is delighted to be reunited with their pet. 

“We were all crying and really grateful, I am really, really relieved.”

James Fox

Derbyshire Police are still looking for the dog-nappers. Both men are described as being in their 30s, with one being white, of a stocky build with short fair hair. Police said the men left with the dog in a black Ford Mondeo — registration beginning YG60 — along Moira Road in the direction of Albert Village.


Written by Abigale Racine