Streamer Playing Guitar With Zero Viewers Gets Swarmed By Cryptocurrency Bros Who Donate $85,000

Every musician can count on playing at least one empty room during their career. During the pandemic, entertainers have had to resort to Twitch and other streaming services to connect with their audiences — a surreal experience for the musicians and for their fans. 

For five hours, musician Cameron Ferguson was streaming himself playing his guitar to zero audience members. Ferguson played anything and everything, from Nirvana to The Beatles, and threw in some of his own original materials as well.

At least, Ferguson was alone until @CryptoCobain and @ledgerstatus were scanning Twitch in part of their crypto currency show Up Only.

Cobie and Ledger’s podcast is centered on the hosts chatting with the most interesting people in crypto. The hosts were looking for smaller streamers and stumbled upon Ferguson playing. They were blown away by the musician’s talents, so they decided to raid him, AKA send him a lot of money and audience members. 

Suddenly, after playing for himself for so long, Ferguson realized that he had $17,000 of cryptocurrency donations in his account and hundreds of people were watching him perform. 

Hold on, it gets crazier… 

Via Twitch chat, Cobie instructed the streamer to create a Twitter account, download the cryptocurrency app Blockfolio, and then put his address into the Twitter bio so others could donate to him.  

At the one hour and 38-minute mark of the stream, Ferguson brought his wife on the stream to share the news that there was upwards of $25,000 in the account.

Twitch Screenshot

Eventually, a billionaire named SBF donated Ferguson $10,000 of Dogecoin. In case you haven’t heard, the value of Dogecoin has gone up 400% in the last week. This brought the total amount of money in Ferguson’s Twitch account to the value of a whopping $85,000+.

At first, Ferguson thought he was being trolled and he almost stopped the stream. He only opened a Twitch account days before and he only had seven followers when he logged on that day. 

He later tweeted his first Tweet, expressing his gratitude for the donations.

Keep rocking on Ferguson!


Written by Abigale Racine