Love Wins: Community Rallies To Paint Neighbor’s House Rainbow After Homophobes Threatened Him

When hairstylist Mykey O’Halloran moved to Australia’s Phillip Island in February, he had plans to transform his bungalow into a rainbow paradise, intending to paint the outside of his home in every color in the rainbow.

However, certain neighbors had strong, hateful feelings about the colorful decision… and their outwardly gay neighbor.


O’Halloran explained to QNews the dangerous situation he found himself in.

“I had five men aggressively banging the front door. One threatened to kill me if I paint my house rainbow and [was] calling me homophobic things. [One] guy introduced himself as the homeowner from across the road. [He] told me his reason for being at my house was to tell me not to paint my house rainbow.”

Mykey O’Halloran

The terrifying experience left O’Halloran shaken, and he was left, “feeling so invaded, violated [and] threatened in [his] very own home”

According to Pink News, a 23-year old in connection to the hate crime was arrested, charged with unlawful assault and making threats to kill. 

When news of O’Halloran’s attack became common knowledge around the neighborhood, his more supportive and accepting neighbors decided to take demonstrative action, determined to give him a better welcome.

A month after the vicious attack was made on O’Halloran, over 100 allies picked up their paint brushes and painted his house in every lovely shade of ROYGBV, completing the project in just a weekend’s time. 


Company Dulux Australia donated 40 litres of paint toward the cause, and one kind neighbor donated an elaborate security system to ensure their new neighbor felt comfortable and safe being in their home. 

O’Halloran took to the Internet to share the excitement of the project and the overwhelming sense of gratitude he was feeling.

After a hurricane, comes a rainbow 🌈 so much community support and love from everyone that stopped by to say hello...

Posted by Mykey O'Halloran on Sunday, April 18, 2021

“What happened today was people standing by my decision to have a rainbow house regardless of opposing opinions or the minority of homophobic opinions. The message we must take out of this situation and learn from this is to stand your ground.”

Mykey O’Halloran

Not sorry, haters, love won. 


Written by Abigale Racine