Adult Swim: Viral Security Footage Shows Dog Pulling Struggling Pup Out Of Pool

dog pulls puppy out of pool

A video making the rounds on Twitter is tugging at the heartstrings of animal lovers, featuring a puppy that falls into a pool and a dog that pulls it to safety.

The video, which already surpassed the six million mark as of Thursday, was boosted on Twitter by Rex Chapman, who commented, “Security cameras caught something pretty amazing,” adding, “We don’t deserve dogs …”

The video, set to the tune of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” starts with the puppy misstepping and falling into the pool.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t swim that well.

That’s when the dog comes over to investigate, initially caught from a different camera angle.

The dog senses that the puppy’s maybe better off on dry land, and begins trying to coax it out of the pool.

It then makes its first attempts to pull the puppy out of the pool.

It then gets more serious about the efforts.

The dog appears to get the puppy by the collar and out of the pool.

All the way up.

And back to safety at last.

Watch the whole thing here:

Chapman’s posting of the video spawned its own viral video from Twitter user @Delaney7Meg, who commented, “My dog was worried too!” The video shows her dog in rapt attention watching the drama play out with the other dogs.

Another dog lover on Twitter, Mike Breen, pointed out that a pool ramp is something that can help dogs out (though maybe this life jacket would have come in handy as well).

And finally, another person pointed out the instincts of the dog being sound, noting, “After partially pulling him/her up, his dog understood to pin the smaller dog down so he/she doesn’t fall back in the water. Amazing.”


Written by Phil West