Karmic Whiplash: Man Loses Everything In Historic Flood Then Wins $2 Million Lottery Jackpot


Last May, historic and devastating floods tore through Midland County and other surrounding areas in Michigan. The nearby dams failed and heavy rains caused major devastation to the community, damaging over 2,500 homes and businesses.

One anonymous 29-year-old Midland man was among those who lost everything in the flood. Looks like his luck just turned around because he recently won 2 million dollars. 

He stopped by a convenience store on his way to picking up his kids and decided to purchase a $20 Lucky 7’s instant game, according to the Michigan Lottery website. 


Crazy enough, this is not the first time that he’s won the lottery. A few years ago, he collected $10,000.

“I scratched it off when I got back to my car. When I saw I had a match, I thought: ‘Great, I won my money back!’ When I saw I had actually won $2 million, I couldn’t stop shaking. A few years back, I won $10,000 and I thought that was my once in a lifetime shot at winning the Lottery.”

Lottery Winner

The spontaneous purchase has had a major pay-off, which he’s desperately needed.

“Last year, I lost everything in a flood, so to win this prize is so overwhelming to me. I never play $20 tickets, but when I stopped to pick up a couple things on my way to pick up my kids the Lucky 7’s ticket caught my eye. Seven is a lucky number for me, so I decided to take a chance and bought the ticket.”

Lottery Winner

The winner decided to receive his winnings in a one-time lump sum payment of $1.3 million rather than annuity payments for $2 million. With his winnings, he’s planning on paying off bills and saving the remainder for his kids’ future.

“Knowing my kids will be taken care of is the best feeling in the world,” the player said.

Lead image: Unsplash


Written by Abigale Racine