Bucket Brigade: Courageous Trucker Narrowly Saves Utility Worker Trapped In A Bucket With A Fire Blazing Below

First, Estes Express Lines trucker Efrain Zepeda noticed that there was a utility truck on-fire. Then he saw a worker trapped in that truck’s raised bucket.

Zepeda, with no hesitation or regard for his own safety, launched into action.

He moved his truck’s trailer beneath the worker, providing him with an escape route. Amidst the flames and the smoke, the worker was safely able to shimmy onto a traffic light post and then drop onto the top of Zepeda’s truck, evading serious injuries or even death. 

Sonoma County Professional Firefighters Union Facebook

Moments after the worker secured himself on top of the Estes truck, the utility truck exploded.

“It is nothing short of a miracle that our driver, Efrain, was there just as this individual needed rescue from such a dire situation. Enough can’t be said about his bravery and immediate actions that allowed the worker to escape. At Estes, the safety of everyone on the road is our highest priority and Efrain’s heroics exemplify this to the fullest.”

Webb Estes, Vice President of Process Improvement
Efrain Zepeda / Estes 

The Sonoma County Professional Firefighters Union posted footage of the valiant rescue to their Facebook page.

@soco_local_1401 Prior to our arrival, this worker who was trapped in his bucket, was rescued by quick thinking bystanders. Our citizens never cease to amaze us!! It’s in honor to serve you!📸: @balterbuilt_racing ** Official page of the Sonoma County Professional Firefighters IAFF L1401.** Media use permitted with credit given to #socolocal1401. ...#firefamily #fireservice #fireman #firewoman #firemen #firewomen #brotherhood #sisterhood #firefighter #firefighters #teamwork #team #fireattack #ventilation #rescue #extrication #ems #emergency #unionstrong #union #supportyourlocalunionworker #bluecollar #wildlandfire #sonomastrong #kpix @pressdemo @bayareafirefighter @californiafirefighter @trainyourprobie @firetowntraining @firehousemagazine @iaff_team10th @sonomacountyfiredistrict @theironschef @take_the_door_training @fittofightfire @chief_miller @firefighters_daily@code3_emergency @sonomascanner

Posted by Bay Area Firefighter on Thursday, April 15, 2021

Talk about the right place at the right time!


Written by Abigale Racine