UPS Driver Caught On Doorbell Cam Saving Kid Trapped Under 97-Pound Package

A UPS driver was captured via Ring video literally saving a kid’s life, running from the street to move a heavy package that had fallen onto a four-year-old playing on his front porch.

The good deed was captured in video that an Oak Park, Illinois mom shared to a neighborhood Facebook group and eventually to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Four-year-old Max Pratt ran outside to see what had been delivered when the doorbell rang one day earlier this month, according to the paper’s account. “It was a package twice his size,” the article noted, “and when he tried to pull it inside, it tipped on top of him.”

The first few stills from the video show the curious Max with the package, and the package overwhelming him.

Starting with it unexpectedly tipping over.

And then it completely falling over onto him.

Fortunately, however, UPS driver Marco Angel had not yet made it back to his truck. He heard Max’s cries for help and sprinted back to the house.

And in seconds, Angel was pulling the 97-pound package off a stunned but otherwise unharmed Max.

“He was scared,” said Max’s mom, Traci Pratt, recalling the April 17 incident. “He knew that he never wanted that to happen again. I think he saw all four of his years flash before his eyes.”

And what was in the package? There’s a touch of irony in the answer.

According to the Sun-Times account, it “was her birthday gift from her mother — a hammock meant for relaxation which has instead “caused a lot more chaos and commotion.'”

But she’s amazed by the whole experience. As she noted, ever since the video went viral, “Max is excited to tell everyone how fast and strong Angel is, and looks at the delivery driver as his own personal superhero.”

“There’s heroes among us,” Pratt said. “People do take the time to go that extra mile and help each other out.”


Written by Phil West