Didn’t Miss A Beat: Poster Worker Saves Life Of Traffic Director Whose Heart Stopped On The Job

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Robert Dillon, a Connecticut letter carrier, is being hailed a hero after saving a traffic director’s life.

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According to WTNH, Dillon witnessed the public works employee, who was helping direct traffic at the time, hit the ground and started convulsing. The postal service worker immediately rushed over to perform chest compressions until medical care arrived at the scene. 

Grandfather Edward Bomba is still comprehending how lucky he was that Dillon was there to rescue him during his cardiac event, “I was blue, I was gone.”

Bombo and his granddaughter / Screenshot WTNH

Bomba was on a ventilator for three days, and he called Dillon after he was released from the hospital.

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“Thank you for being there for me. I said if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here.”

Edward Bomba

Bomba’s wife is eternally grateful for Dillon’s intervention.

“People don’t survive what he went through. To call him and say, ‘Thank you’ was like such an understatement because thank you isn’t even enough. I don’t even think he realizes what he did. I mean he literally saved his life.”

Lisa Bomba, wife

The Bomba family is planning to host a ceremony at the post office for the hero.

Dillon shared that he once suffered from a medical emergency himself, and he wasn’t discovered and helped until 20 minutes after. Since he has vowed to help those in a similar situation. 

He proved to himself that he didn’t miss a beat and he’s certainly got the heart.


Written by Abigale Racine