This Dude Told His Paralyzed Friend He Could Kick Him In The Balls To Encourage His Recovery

A man was willingly kicked in the balls — for the most wholesome reason.

Chase is currently in rehab, healing and strengthening his body. Earlier this year, he was in a traumatic accident and was paralyzed below his shoulders.

He’s spent time in recovery, relearning how to, well, basically do everything.

His main goal is climbing the Rocky steps in Philadelphia. His care team basically said, “Yeah right.”

Chase wasn’t going to settle.

So his team said “Let’s go!” and got to some really hard work.

To help motivate him to keep going, his friend Dan is allowing him to do a “full windup kick” straight to the balls.

Dan the motivation king.

Chase’s road to healing is long and challenging, so having Dan create this ultimate reward is a great way for Chase to continually seek progress.

The good news for Chase is that he was recovering at an incredible pace. Chase quickly progresses from walker…


To walking.


Part of the approach is making sure Dan is getting hit with the strongest leg. The physical therapists and health professionals worked with Chase to identify his leg strength.


They found his left leg is the stronger one.


Just look at those kicks.



He’s almost ready.



Good luck, Dan #fyp #foryou #paralyzed #disabled #kickinthenuts

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Five days after uploading his TikTok announcement, Chase gave Dan the kick.

As we already know, Chase is ready. Dan is not.


Dan prepares himself.




It went exactly how we thought it would go.


But no regrets over here.


It was all worth it.



You all asked for it, so HERE IT IS! #WorthTheWait #fyp #foryou #nutshotforchase #kickinthenuts

♬ original sound - Chase Gets Better


Written by Lindsay Patton