18 Positive Things Happening In The World Right Now To Remind You Everything Isn’t Garbage

This past year has been a lot. Living in the midst of a global pandemic and political turmoil—along all the regular rough stuff life can throw at your—has been hard.

Sometimes it feels like the bad news keeps on coming, but even when it feels bleak it’s important to remember that things keep moving even when we feel stuck—and a lot of the movements over the past year have been positive.

On Reddit, folks decided to share positive moments from their lives as well as the world so we don’t forget that there are still good things happening across the globe even if they don’t directly affect us.


“The Mars rover successfully extracted oxygen from carbon dioxide on the surface of Mars!” — TheDonutPug


“Last year Africa officially eradicated polio.” – Sydneyfigtree


“The Cherokee Nation allowed genetically modified chestnut trees to be planted on land they manage in order to restore the American Chestnut tree. I think that’s flippin’ great!” —PlowUnited


“Pandas aren’t endangered anymore.” — SnooAvocados1873


“I’ve seen so many bumblebees this spring already!!!” — NadirInferno


“In India, people are using social media to arrange oxygen, plasma, medicines etc. for those in need. Its the most positive side of social Media I have ever seen. Though governments may fail people…but humanity is beyond elected governments. What I am witnessing is the purest form of ‘We will going to fight this disease together’ though many get left out because of their lack of access to social media, but in such cases also, there are volunteers in every hospital who are forwarding request on their behalf. Hope this pandemic ends as soon as possible…so many innocent lives have been lost…I am just stating the only positive thing happening in my country. Otherwise even courts are stating this mismanagement by government as ‘genocide.'” — AbskPrhr


“I opened a small take away restaurant with my brother during the lockdown! My brother learned my grandmothers recipes, it’s going really well so far!” — rickrossismydad


“Redditors are coming together to think of some positive things happening in the world right now.” — ridiculously_single


“Despite the calamitous year of 2020 breakthroughs in the following occurred and are further being developed in 2021: fusion energy, solar panel efficiency, solid state batteries, 3D printed building technology, vertical farming and first steps towards scalable technology in removing CO2 from the atmosphere and thereby repairing the damage done.” — TrenchPenetrator


“The mRNA vaccine platform, which has now been widely tested and shown to be incredibly safe and effective when applied to the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein, can probably also be used to deliver the equivalent material from HIV. It’s headed to safety trials later this year.” — justavtstudent


“Life expectancy has never been higher, medicine has never been as advanced, as a species we’re reaching for the stars, and although there’s a LONG way to go, attitudes toward our impact on the environment are shifting in the right direction.” — SeaWeasil


“The COVID-19 pandemic has made more and more employers understand that it’s possible to allow people to work from home full time without any significant performance impact. So far this has been a true blessing for me, since I no longer have to endure a totally horrendous and exhausting two-hour commute by train every day. What’s even better, I don’t have to work in an open space office, which means no more loud and obnoxious coworkers to tolerate, no more constant distractions and no chronic anxiety.” —fragrant-moo


“Remember that big ‘Save the Whales’ campaign from a decade or so ago? The reason you don’t hear so much about it anymore was because it was largely successful. Not that there aren’t still problems on that front. But the situation really markedly improved thanks to a lot of caring people who successfully changed laws around the world and made big conservation moves that has saved thousands of whales.” — SpitefulBadger


“Husband and I started fostering dogs last year and have opened up our home to 16 dogs and only one has permanently stayed!” — KaitlinS_11


“At least for much of the US and Europe, it is prime morel mushroom season, one of the most prized and delicious wild edible mushrooms. That isn’t really breaking news, it happens every year, I am just really excited.” — BankerBabe420


“People are becoming way more aware of sexual consent! The difference between today and ten years ago is literally life changing. I grew up in a world where men were expected to enjoy all sexual contact from women (wanted or not), and women were expected to ‘give it up,’ but be called sluts, especially if they enjoyed it. Now we can ALL say yes or no if we want, and if someone keeps pressuring after the ‘no,’ it’s not okay. (I know it still needs a lot of work, but the difference is astounding, especially when I read my diaries from the early 2000s).” — lorealashblonde


“The rhinos in Nepal are making a comeback.” — bitterbuffaloheart


“It’s still spinning and the sun hasn’t exploded yet.” — whoopdeedoodles

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Written by Patricia Grisafi