Grocery Store Hero Honored For Saving Toddler Trapped In Runaway Cart

An Alton, Illinois man is being praised for rescuing a toddler while he was on the job. Ben Mazur, 24, was collecting grocery carts earlier this spring when something caught his eye—there was a cart that was rolling down a hill that had a child in it.


The mother of the child was occupied with trying to secure her other children into the car when the cart with the toddler blew away in the wind. She didn’t notice until it was almost too late, but luckily Mazur’s awareness and quick response ended up saving the child’s life. 

Earlier this week, Alton Mayor Brant Walker declared that May 5th will be deemed “Ben Mazur Day,” the perfect way for Mazur and his family and friends to celebrate his heroic action and, coincidentally, his birthday! 

The Schnuck’s grocery store worker is on the Autism spectrum and secured the job through Challenge Unlimited, an organization devoted to helping those with disabilities find employment within their communities. It has always been Mazur’s dream to work at Schnuck’s, according to Jiuanna Evans, his job coach with Challenge Unlimited.

“Schnucks was actually his dream job so you know it was like a big deal when he got hired at Schnucks. I wasn’t surprised because I feel like it’s Ben, but it just made me feel so good because he’s outstanding and I know he’s going to continue to do great things.”


Happy belated birthday, Ben! You are a hero, and we hope you enjoyed your special day! 

Written by Abigale Racine