To Calve And To Hold: Bride Muddies Wedding Dress Delivering Calf At Reception

Jessa Laws

An Australian couple—farmers who bonded over their love of cows on their first date—got married last month in the middle of calving season. When a cow went into labor during the wedding reception, the bride got down in the mud, sacrificing her wedding dress to help bring a new calf into the world.

The amazing story comes from Gorae, Australia, where Jessa and Ben Laws got married April 24 on their farm.

Jessa Laws

They rescheduled the wedding from last fall because of COVID-19, but knew there would be a possibility of a cow giving birth on their wedding day.

Jessa Laws

And that’s exactly what happened during their reception when their cow Drama went into labor.

Jessa Laws

“With a name like Drama, we had made the joke that she would no doubt go on our wedding day,” Jessa said in CBC’s coverage. “She was about three or four days overdue by the time our wedding day came around.”

“About 10:30 pm, we went down to the dairy and we pulled this calf out. No thoughts of my white dress, shoes. It was just straight in,” she told the Victorian Country Hour, as relayed by ABC News Australia.

“Those that know me are definitely not surprised,” she added. “My husband was actually up at the house making cups of tea for people and someone walked in [and told him what happened] and he said ‘Jessa’s down there in the mud isn’t she?’ And they said ‘yeah’.”

Jessa noted that although the birth was a difficult one, she was able to help Drama deliver a healthy female calf named Destiny.

Jessa Laws

“After she got the new family settled,” CBC reported, “Jessa returned to the party, her dress caked in mud.”

“We came back up to the reception,” she explained, “and everyone just kind of looked at me, sort of looking at the dress and sort of going, ‘What’s happened?’

“The city people were absolutely amazed. My farming friends were just like, ‘Yep, that’s what we expected of Jessa.'”

Written by Phil West