Shattering Stereotypes: Missing Cat Rescued By Dog After Spending 10 Days Trapped In A Well

While cats and dogs may seem to be natural enemies, they can put their differences aside in times of crisis. 

Flea the cat, trapped at the bottom of a deep, 20 foot well, had been missing from her UK home for 10 days when a neighborhood dog overheard her crying. The pooch alerted its owners, and the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service was called in.


Upon their arrival, firefighters climbed down into the well and by luring Flea with cat food, coaxed her off a ledge she was sitting on. 

Flea, just 1 year old, lives across the street from the well she was discovered in and had been missing since April 24th. Described by her owner as “overly-friendly,” the curious cat loves to wander and explore and has the tendency to follow people and even jump into cars.


After her harrowing experience, Flea was extremely hungry but has since acted like “nothing happened,” according to People magazine. Her owners are elated to have their kitten back home and are deeply appreciative of those involved in Flea’s homecoming.

“I’m so grateful and thankful to the firefighters who all carried out such a brilliant and amazing job.”

Freya Hill

Cheers for Flea!!!

Written by Abigale Racine