Daughter Secretly Records Her Parents’ Wholesome Reaction To Her College Acceptance, Goes Viral

What you’re about to read is a sight for sore eyes. 

Earlier that morning, Gurjiv Kaur, 22, had a promising interview with The University of The Incarnate Word (UIW), located in San Antonio, Texas, for their optometry program. Within an hour of completing the interview, the UC Irvine graduate received an email of acceptance from the university.

Instead of immediately sharing the update, Kaur decided to take the opportunity to surprise her loving parents in person with the life-changing news. She had tricked them into thinking that they were going to be recording a video for extra credit, when in reality, she was going to be filming her acceptance announcement and uploading it to Twitter. Sneaky, sneaky…

What transpired was an overwhelming scene, resulting in Kaur’s parents getting emotional and praising their daughter for all of her hard work.

“Oh, my God!” her father exclaimed in the video, chuckling to himself. “This is incredible! Wow!”

“What?” her mother asked. “You just had your interview today.”

Twitter / jeeeverz

Kaur never anticipated for the video to go viral. On Twitter alone, the video had close to 900,000 retweets and 9 million views at the time of publication.

“I definitely did not expect it to go that big,” Kaur said to The TODAY Show. “I’m really glad that a lot of people found joy in seeing my parents’ reaction. It made them so happy.”

Twitter users shared their joy for the young woman.

Even her future school got involved in the celebration, Tweeting out their excitement and appreciation for Kaur and her family.

Kaur shared that since the announcement, that her dad has since read the letter multiple times and he has practiced how to say the word optometry.

Can we all be adopted by the adorable Kaur family?! Also, many congratulations to the future Dr. Gurjiv Kaur!

Written by Abigale Racine