Girl Scouts Cookies Are Getting Delivered Via Drone, Thanks To Google

This season, the Girl Scouts organization experienced a 50% shortfall in cookie sales. Without the ability to sell their iconic sweets in person, the scouts had to think outside the box… so they looked toward the skies.


Like most other troops in the country, the Girl Scout troop in Christiansburg, Virginia was worried about how the pandemic would affect their in-person sales until they spoke with Google’s delivery service Wing.

Christiansburg is home to America’s first and ONLY drone residential delivery services. Yes, you read that correctly. Drone. Residential. Delivery.


The citizens of the Virginia town are able to place an order via the Wing app for their favorite cookies and have them dropped off by the drone within the hour. 

Through it all, Wing has been working with the local scouts. The tech team has been showing the troopers how drone technology operates, hoping to inspire the young ladies to pursue interests in STEM. 

“In return, they’re teaching us a lot about how to sell cookies,” one Google spokesperson told the Good News Network.

Wing has embraced the town of Christiansburg as well- and their services have helped out small local businesses and the local library during the pandemic as well.

A recent survey conducted by Virginia Tech shows that after just one year of service, 87% of Christiansburg residents liked Wing’s drone delivery.

Wing has committed to help the troop sell 3,000 boxes before May 31st. The most popular cookie order has been Thin Mints.

Is there anything more tempting (and weird) than drones delivering Thin Mints?

Watch the video BELOW for more.

Written by Abigale Racine