Woman Reunites With Birth Mother And Learns She Was On Her Favorite Childhood TV Show

Lisa Wright, 54, was encouraged by her son to learn more about her family’s genetics. Wright knew she was adopted, but like many adoptions of the time, her birth records were sealed.

She never felt compelled to track down her biological mother until her son’s request. Wright was raised by her loving, adoptive parents and she never gave much thought to who her biological mother might be. All she knew was her date of birth and that her mother had put her up for adoption while trying to make a career for herself in Hollywood. 

The journey into her past started with Wright taking a DNA test, which revealed a long-lost uncle. Wright met up with the uncle and inquired about her mother. Her uncle had all the answers and was thrilled to tell her. 

Wright’s mother is none other than Lynne Moody—a film and TV actress whose resume includes Beverly Hills 90210, General Hospital, and That’s My Mama—AKA Wright’s favorite TV show growing up.

Her uncle shared that her mom and the family had never forgotten her and they had been searching for her, hoping to reconnect. Wright and Moody spoke on the phone later that day, and arranged plans to see each other the very next day.


“A voice on the other end says, ‘Is this my daughter?’ And then I just went, ‘Oh, my God, is this my mother?’” Wright told TODAY. “And then she goes, ‘Yes, sweetie, this is your mom.’ It was just the most indescribable feeling.”

The meeting was incredibly emotional. Moody never had any other children and always dreamed of reuniting with the baby she gave up nearly 50 years ago.

“When she was born, they covered my face, my eyes, so that I couldn’t see her,” Moody said to TODAY. “But I could hear her cry. All I could say was ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, baby, I’m sorry.’ As a mother, you never, ever, ever forget. During those 50 years, all I did was try to learn how to live with it. I didn’t know if she was hungry, if she was alive, if she was happy, if she was adopted.”

Moody was thrilled to learn that she has a grandson as well. 

Sadly, Wright’s adoptive parents passed before they got to see their daughter find her biological family. 

“I grew up watching my mother on TV and didn’t even know it,” Wright explained. “That’s My Mama — that was our must-see TV. We all sat down and watched That’s My Mama every week, and who knew? No idea. … And that’s my mama!”

The two women hope that their story inspires others to trace their families and find their peace.

Watch the full story below:

Written by Abigale Racine