Rubber Duckie, You’re The One: Man’s Rubber Duckie Messages Lift Neighbors’ Spirits During Lockdown

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Jim Pearson has become a household name in his neighborhood of Menlo Park, California. Folks travel from across town to Pearson’s front yard to see the inspirational rubber duckie messages Pearson spells out.

Chandrama Anderson via Good News Network

During quarantine, the wise quacker has been amusing himself by creating the uplifting messages in his front yard.

This means getting up at the quack of dawn every day to update the messages.

Chandrama Anderson via Good News Network

Pearson’s project brings joy to the Menola Park community everyday, quacking everyone up. Images of the rubber ducklings started appearing on the NextDoor app, and soon the whole town was moved by the ducks.

Chandrama Anderson via Good News Network

Some community members have even offered quote ideas to Pearson. One fan asked the quack-master for a special request.

Chandrama Anderson told Good News Network, “For my husband’s 60th birthday under Covid lockdown, when there weren’t many ways to make a birthday special, I asked Jim to use his ducks to spell out ‘Happy Birthday Locke,’ and he did!”

Keep quacking jokes and spreading joy, friends!

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Written by Abigale Racine