World’s Smallest Piggies Are Getting A Second Chance At Survival

This has been a good week for the animal kingdom. Earlier this week, we highlighted the appearance of the once-thought-to-be-extinct Galápagos Tortoise.

Now, we’ve got endangered tiny pigs showing up, and LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!!

YouTube/ Smithsonian Channel

Pygmy pigs are the world’s smallest hogs, measuring at just 10 inches tall. They live in India, Bhutan, and Nepal in the Terai grasslands. The Smithsonian Channel describes them as, “shy, gentle, and secretive.” 

A century of habitat degradation and destruction threatened their existence- especially when the grasslands were converted for agricultural use. Many thought that the hogs were completely extinct until one was found in 1971 by a tea plantation worker.

YouTube/ Smithsonian Channel

Since the nineties, conservationists have been breeding the endangered hogs in captivity. Now they feel comfortable introducing the species into the wild again.

Currently, according to the Pygmy Hog Conservation Programme, there are about 300-400 of them living back in the grasslands where they belong and they are breeding successfully.

74 hogs are still in captivity, waiting to be introduced back into the grasslands. 

YouTube/ Smithsonian Channel

If the Tehari grasslands can be protected from fires, environmental degradation, and grazing animals, these precious hogs have a chance to thrive again! 

What can we say? We love a good comeback. 

Want to help the pygmy pigs? Learn more HERE and watch the video BELOW.

Written by Abigale Racine