Granddaughter Cuts Grandfather’s Hair After His Wife Passes Away

granddaughter cuts grandfather hair

What appears to be a TikTok video from an unidentified user is finding new life on a Reddit subreddit dedicated to people being nice to each other. In this case, it’s a granddaughter who is now cutting her grandfather’s hair after her grandmother passed away.

The video, on Reddit’s r/HumansBeingBros, shows the young woman in various stages of giving her grandfather a haircut.

It starts with a caption overlaid on the TikTok video that reads, “My Nana cut my Papa’s hair for 52 years.”

It then takes a somber turn, relaying, “She passed away in January …” but then revealing, “Now he asks me to come down once a month to give him a haircut.”

“It’s such a special time,” the story continues. “I’ll cherish these moments forever.” It then ends with the narrator expressing love for her grandfather.

Redditors who saw the video loved it, with some identifying with rituals they developed with their own grandparents.

“My grandpa always kept a comb in his pocket and he loved it when he pulled it out and we combed his hair,” one wrote. “His daughters did it when they were kids and it was so fun to do it ourselves. This video brought back a lot of memories.”

Another reflected, “Me and my grandma get our nails done every two weeks. Sometimes she doesn’t need her done but we will go. It’s never about the thing. It’s always about getting to spend time with someone you absolutely have a limited time with.”

“The very last thing I got to do with my grandpa before he passed was give him a haircut,” another Redditor revealed. “Beyond generous to the end, he slipped me $100 as a ‘tip.’ I think we both knew it was the last time we would see each other. I’m glad I got to spend that time with him.”

Written by Phil West