After Losing Home To Arson, Family Gets Surprised With Donated New Home

A family in Paraguay, who lost their modest home when the children’s stepdad burned it down, was reduced to trying to rebuild a new home with literal trash. That’s when a Good Samaritan stepped in and collected donations to deliver the family to a brand new home.

The remarkable TikTok videos coming from Murphslife, the social media project of Aaron Murphy, who initially traveled to South America to learn Spanish. He has since decided to travel around the continent, learning the stories of some of those who are less fortunate, and using the power of social media and crowdfunding to help them out.

In the initial video posted last month, he documented a family who lost their home when the stepfather burned it down with gasoline. He went to prison, and they were living in squalor behind the city dump, trying to build a home from pieces of trash, and recycling bottles to get money for food.

In select photos from the first video, you can see the incredible struggle they were experiencing.

It opens with some of the children detailing how their lives were turned upside down and how they tried to persevere.

It then toured their home made of refuse.

That then led to a call for donations and an opportunity for people to directly help the family.

The “Part Two” video, which has drawn more than 9.5 million views so far, details the house-buying process and engineering the big reveal.

It starts by recounting the family’s story and showing the process of getting the house purchased and prepared.

They didn’t just buy a house; they orchestrated a party in which the kids would get their first toys and fulfill a dream of eating McDonald’s food.

The home, and the process that the volunteers took on in getting the home ready, allowed them to experience things they’d never experienced before.

And then, the surprise was revealed: This was their new house.

They were, in a word, amazed.

They were also welcomed into the neighborhood instantly.

Watch the first video here:


Let’s BLESS this family forever!

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Written by Phil West