Baby Genius: 2-Year-Old With 146 IQ Becomes Youngest Mensa Member Ever

At just two years old, Kashe Quest can name more elements off the periodic table than you can. She can also recognize every U.S. state just by their outline and her IQ level clocks in at an impressive 146. Not bad for a toddler.

Kashe recently became America’s youngest Mensa member, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. 

Instagram / @itsmejit

The international organization admits only the elite top 2% of the intelligentsia to its ranks, making this a staggering accomplishment for a toddler.

Quest’s parents first noticed that they had a genius on their hands when she started displaying advanced language skills far beyond her peers.

Instagram / @itsmejit

During an 18-month pediatric checkup, the parents’ suspicions were confirmed and they were assured that their daughter was gifted and to look into it further. In an effort to cultivate a more productive learning environment for their daughter, they decided to have their daughter’s IQ tested by a trained psychologist. 

“I think the biggest takeaway from us doing it was we wanted to make sure we were giving her everything she also needed, in terms of her development and natural curiosity and her disposition—and we wanted to make sure we did our part in making that happen for her,” said mother Sukhjit Quest to CNN.

Quest has a background in education. Another way she had encouraged her daughter’s progress was the formation of a preschool called the Modern Schoolhouse. It was founded during the pandemic last October, while there was a need to fill in their community.

There are currently 12 students enrolled in the preschool, and the Modern Schoolhouse is hoping to expand.

Even though the loving parents want to encourage her learning, all of her skills are at Kashe’s own pace. 

“She’s still two at heart, and she needs to be with children her age, and not have that pressure put on her to be older than she needs to be or act older than she needs to be,” her mother said.

Now, where is the movie Baby Geniuses streaming?

Written by Abigale Racine