Couple Hides $1000 In Cash In Baby Products At Target To Help New Parents

couple hides money baby products target
Krystal Duhaney/Instagram

A couple who know what it’s like to raise a brand new child decided to “pay it forward” in order to help new parents. Specifically, they visited Target stores in Southern California and placed $1000 worth of cash inside diaper boxes and other baby products.

The kind gesture was courtesy of self-proclaimed mompreneur Krystal Duhaney, who shared video of the money drop on Instagram, which a short video that started with the caption, “Hubby and I went to Target to do something special.”

The video shows Duhaney placing money inside diaper boxes, between formula lids and can tops, and in other products that parents purchase for babies. The video also included encouraging words for any new parents who might happen upon it, noting, “You’re doing a great job and your baby loves you so much!”

In the video she also mentioned that her and her husband struggled to make ends meet when they brought a new baby into the world. But now, affirming that she’s running a successful business, she wanted to give a little help to parents who might be in the same boat.

“We hope that the parents that purchase these items have a brighter day when they find our gifts,” she said, while also encouraging people to “tag a mama that would love this.” She also indicated that following her Instagram post would reveal possible future cities where the couple would similarly share the wealth.

“You are so amazing and inspiring!” one commenter said. “The definition of black girl magic!

Another commenter remarked, “If I opened one of those, I would be so happy.”

The post has gained her nearly 100,000 likes since going up about a month ago, on an Instagram account that showcases her life as a business owner and life with her two children.

Wait: Make that three! Duhaney posted on Instagram last week, revealing she has her third child on the way, coming this fall.

Written by Phil West