Watch: Simone Biles Cements GOAT Status In Record-Setting Performance

Beam queen Simone Biles, 24, has dominated and made history AGAIN.

She claimed her seventh all-around U.S. gymnastics title Sunday night—the most made by any American woman—while competing in the U.S. Gymnastics Championship in Ft. Worth, Texas.

The world-class gymnast continues to redefine her sport, setting new boundaries for herself and her competitors. 

Not to mention, have you noticed the rhinestone goat symbol embroidered on Simone Biles’ competition wardrobe? A nod to her Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) status?? We see what you did there, costume designer, and we love it. 

Biles first became a household name back in 2013, when she saluted the judges during the Championships. She has remained at the top of her game since, even recently innovating her own Yurchenko double-pike vault.

Previously, as reported by the official Olympics website, Biles was tied with Clara Schroth Lombady, who won titles in the late 40s and early 50s. Alfred Jochim, 1925-30, 1933, is the only other U.S. gymnast to claim seven U.S. titles.

Biles looks to embrace and savor each and every moment of competing that she can.

“I feel like I did try to enjoy it because it could be one of my last championships that I’ll attend,” Biles said to “But it’s also the road to Tokyo, and after this we have trials, so we just have to really embrace the moment.” 

With the St Louis Olympic trials approaching, fans keep refreshing Twitter and seeing what this amazing athlete can do.

What an absolute powerhouse, she spends more time in the air than she does the ground.

Written by Abigale Racine