Woman’s Wholesome Tweets About How Her Laid-Off Dad Wants To Work At Costco Get Him A Job

One of Jeff’s dreams was to work at Costco—the members-only bulk grocery store is known for treating its employees well.

Thanks to his daughter’s Twitter thread and the power of a wholesome story, Jeff’s dream came true.

Rebecca Mix is a writer based in Detroit. Her father, Jeff, was one of the millions of people laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently vaccinated, Jeff was ready to work. So, Rebecca offered to help him with his resume. She asked where he’d like to work and he immediately knew the answer: Costco.

Knowing Twitter loves wholesome stories, Rebecca shared her father’s quest for work with her thousands of followers.

There was a lot of work to do, however. Jeff’s email wasn’t necessarily resume-ready. Luckily, Rebecca’s boyfriend offered his help.

The more Rebecca Tweeted about her Father’s big attempt to work at Costco, the more attention Jeff got.

So much attention that the manager from a Michigan-based Costco reached out directly to Rebecca on social media. They wanted to get in touch with Jeff.

Rebecca then revealed that this is a BIG DEAL. Apparently, Jeff has been wanting to work at Costco since she was little.

Jeff ended up applying on May 19 and just vibed until he got a callback.

Twitter waited weeks with bated breath. (These getting-a-job things take time.)

Finally, on June 8, we got the news we have been waiting for.

Costco employee Jeff is ready to work!

While he hasn’t started his first day, Jeff has proven to be a valuable brand ambassador.

And while Jeff doesn’t know how Twitter works, he is grateful for all his new fans.

The Twitter thread turned out to benefit the entire family, with Rebecca getting great promotion for her book.

Anyway, believe it.

Written by Lindsay Patton