7 out of 10 Americans Say 2020 Made Them a Better Person

A poll of 2,005 Americans revealed that, since March 2020, people are more willing to embrace the idea of neighborly love.

There is no denying that 2020 was a catastrophic year where many faced suffering, loss, and sacrifice. Upon reflection however, there are quite a few Americans that say they have found a silver lining.

In fact, according to a poll of 2,005 Americans conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Eyes of Hope, 7 out of 10 participants revealed that the events of 2020 made them a better person. The poll was created to explore how people are dealing with the impacts and aftermath of the pandemic.

The results of the poll are heartwarming. 74% said 2020 made them more aware of the needs of others. Further, 87% of those polled have donated a portion of their paycheck to those in need since March 2020 – even though 3 in 5 have also experienced financial difficulties at some point during this turbulent year.

41% said that 2020 sparked a renewal of neighborly love, with 38% saying they have helped take out their neighbors’ trash and 31% saying they have walked their neighbor’s dog.

Unsurprisingly, 72% of these individuals also revealed that, in a year that focused on health and well-being, they are more aware and caring about others in this respect as well.

“It’s been incredibly meaningful to see how the challenges of the last year have caused us to care even more for each other,” said Pat McNeil, a spokesperson for VSP Eyes of Hope. “This study validates what we’ve been hearing from our employees and charitable partners: people are looking to better the lives of others and their communities because they envision a greater purpose after such a devastating year.”

Though 2020 came with its fair share of trials and tribulations, people are also choosing to see the good – the ways they have changed for the better, hopefully leading us into a new era of widespread consideration and compassion.