7-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Donates Thousands of Toys to Hospital

Tripp Hughes just completed chemotherapy and wanted to give back to the hospital that helped save his life.

Tripp Hughes of Kansas City, Missouri just overcame his fight against cancer and completed his final round of chemotherapy, so he decided to express his gratitude to Children’s Mercy Hospital for helping save his life.

Tripp and his mom, Krista Hughes, started a toy drive where they collected approximately 4,400 toys that were packed into over 100 boxes. “They’d offer anything to make us just feel at home as possible,” Tripp said to KMBC. “So, we just wanted them to also feel the way that they made us feel. 

Due to the pandemic, patients at Children’s Mercy are not allowed to share toys, so they go home with the children. Supplies were low and this is usually a slow time for toy donations. 

“We just wanted to make sure that we got everything the hospital needed to be able to give back what they gave us,” said Krista Hughes.

Tripp could not wait to make the donation and he got a surprise, too — another chance to celebrate his last cancer treatment by ringing a Kansas City Fire Department truck bell.

“Every time that we go there, they’re willing to give anything and everything we need for Tripp,” said Krista Hughes.

“I just hope this inspires other kids to do other helpful things,” said Tripp.