9-Year-Old Girl Saves Family From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Jayline Barbosa Brandão is being hailed a hero after saving her family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Jayline Barbosa Brandão, a 9-year-old girl from Brockton, Massachusetts, is being hailed a hero after saving her entire family as carbon monoxide filled their home after a strong nor’easter blew through the area.

Jayline was in bed on Oct. 28 when she heard her dad yelling — she jumped out of bed and ran to find him with her mom, who had lost consciousness. “I heard my dad screaming and saw my mom passed out,” she told CNN affiliate WFXT. Her dad had also become overwhelmed by the carbon monoxide from a generator they had borrowed for the storm.

Jayline grabbed her dad’s phone to call 911, but the iPhone was locked. Thanks to quick thinking, she was able to unlock it with facial ID by holding it up to her dad’s face.

Her mom, Marcelina Brandão, said that Jayline then took her 7-year-old sister out to get help from a neighbor. She said the family had been without power for three days, so they borrowed a generator and put in what they thought was a safe place, but it was too close to the house. The National Weather Service says you should keep a backup generator at least 20 feet away from any doors, windows or vents.

Brockton Fire Department Chief Brian Nardelli told CNN that five people from the house were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Brandão and her husband are doing better and that the rest of the family was mostly unaffected by the gas. She credits Jayline with saving her family. “She was so smart,” Brandão said. “That was very scary. If it wasn’t (for) her to call right away I don’t know what would have happened.”

Image source: Yahoo News