97-Year-Old Woman Believes Motivation to Make it to Last Grandchild’s Wedding Helped Her Beat Breast Cancer

By Darby Jones October 14, 2021
This 97-year-old woman says you are never too old to fight cancer, and she believes her strong will to attend her final grandchild's wedding is a large reason she is now cancer-free.

The pandemic had already delayed her last grandchild’s wedding, but 97-year-old Tennie Burket Ivy was determined to make it no matter what.

Ivy was diagnosed with breast cancer in Nov. 2020, but could not fathom the thought of not seeing her last gradnchild marry the love of their life. “I had to go to that wedding. I had been to all three and it was in Greenville, South Carolina, and I said I’ve got to to get well for that,” said Ivy. “And I was never sick. No problems.” 

She endured surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, none of which got her spirits down. As of Monday, Oct. 11, Ivy is cancer-free. “I give credit to the doctors, nurses, and the Lord,” she said.

Although the pandemic delayed the wedding and her cancer diagnosis made her unsure if she would be able to attend, she beat all the odds and can say she saw all of her grandchildren get married.

Ivy believes you are never too old to fight cancer, and she thinks she overcame it due to her healthy lifestyle and strong will to attend the wedding.

Image source: Click2Houston