A Man’s Best Friend

By Riley Kinum February 25, 2021
German Shepherd saves her owner's life after he suffers a stroke.

Brian Myers, a resident of Teaneck, New Jersey, adopted his furry best friend a few months ago. Sadie, a six year old German Shepherd, was placed in the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge after her family moved to a new property that did not allow dogs. She and Myers became best friends from the start. From the start, they have slept together every night and Sadie follows Myers everywhere. Their bond only grew stronger after Myers caught COVID. As a gentle giant, Sadie was there to keep him company and give him plenty of snuggles.

More recently, at the end of January, Myers suffered a stroke. After he collapsed on the floor, Sadie jumped to action. She licked his face incessantly until Meyer’s woke up. According to Meyers, he grabbed her collar in an attempt to use her as a counterweight and stand back up. When Sadie saw that Meyers was unable to rise to his feet, she then dragged him towards his cell phone, so he could call for help. Thanks to Sadie, he was able to call an ambulance. Meyers was taken to a local hospital and later recovered at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation. Meyers said to NBC New York, “I don’t know how she knew to do it, but that she was able to pull me the way she did, I was so grateful to her. I live alone, so if she hadn’t come and did what she did, I may as well have been worse off than I am right now.”

NBC captured the reunion between Sadie and Myers after he was released from the hospital. Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge reposted the reunion video and is now raising money to pay for Sadie’s food and vet appointments, as Meyers has to leave his job while he recovers. Sadie looks eager and excited while Myers is tearful and very grateful. When asked about adoption, Meyers stated, “There are many other dogs there waiting to be somebody’s hero.”