Amna Al Qubaisi is the First Emirati Female Racing Driver

21-year-old Amna Al Qubasisi is blazing the trail in her field after being told by members of her own team that she should put her efforts elsewhere.

Amna Al Qubaisi has been setting records since she was just 17. Now 21, Amna just became the first-ever Arab woman to compete in Formula 4 — getting to this point was no easy feat, though.

Amna’s passion for racing began when she was just 14 years old, and she cites her father as her inspiration. Her father, Khaled Al Qubaisi was the first Emirati driver to compete in the 24 hours of Le Mans, and her younger sister, Hamda, is also a racer at just 15.

When Amna began, her family was very supportive of her racing career. “My family was very supportive they even came during my practice sessions especially my father he was giving me tips and advice,” she said. “I never went through it I’ve received a lot of support from everyone that pushed me to persist in what was perceived as a male dominated sport.”

Throughout the years, Amna has fought hard to prove herself in a male-dominated sport. She has even been left out of races because of men not wanting to be beaten by a girl. However, she has always pushed to prove she deserved to be on the track.

On Dec. 16, 2018, Amna became the first Middle Eastern woman to take part in a motorsport test program from Formula-E, the world’ premier electric car racing series. She drove for the Envision Racing team in Riyadh — the race was being held for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

“It was an absolute honor and for sure something I was happy about after the lift of driving ban for women in Saudi Arabia. I was hugely welcomed especially the team they were extremely nice to me and gave me the huge opportunity to drive,” she said.

Formula 1 is Amna’s ultimate dream, and she hopes to encourage more Arab drivers to participate in the sport. She also hopes young women will learn to not let others’ perceptions get the best of them. “You’re in it for you; just enjoy every moment of it,” said Amna.

Image source: About Her