Anonymous Australian Grandparents Pay Off Thousands of Dollars of Toy Layaways for Struggling Parents

By Darby Jones November 8, 2021
An Australian couple paid off toy layaways for 82 families ahead of the holidays — they know what it is like to struggle and always said they wanted to give back when they were able to.

Scott Mills, who owns Toyworld in Bendigo — a city located in Victoria, Australia — said that a couple came into the toy store and expressed that they wanted to help those that were struggling ahead of the holidays. The couple proceeded to pay off the outstanding bill of 82 families.

“They told us a story about how they were in hardship when they were younger and struggled to pay their bills ahead of Christmas,” Mills told The Age. “They always swore that if they ever found themselves in a position where they could help, they would. After the crap year we’ve all had, they wanted to do some good.”

The couple asked Mills to keep their identity a secret and to not disclose how much money they spent.

Toyworld staff explained that one mother was still in quarantine after coming in contact with someone who may have COVID, so she lost her side job and was unsure how she would be able to afford Christmas gifts.

Another was so moved that she had to pull her car to the side of the road because she was so emotional by the news.

One father explained that he only had $10 left in his bank account after losing his job, so the couple’s generosity meant his twins could enjoy a birthday present in a few days.

Mills also said that the pandemic has been difficult for retail, too, so the cash influx would help his business tremendously.

Image source: Sunny Skyz