Cryptocurrency to the rescue

Anonymous donor uses Dogecoin to pay for $1000 worth of adoption fees at a dog shelter in Daytona.

The Halifax Humane Society, located in Daytona Beach, Florida got a special surprise on Saturday. The donor, known as “Doge Community,” had received a large payout from her cryptocurrency Dogecoin investment and decided to do something good with it. She paid for $1000 worth of adoption fees for dogs residing at the Halifax Humane Society. The shelter tweeted, “A generous donor, Doge Community has paid the adoption fees of all dogs in the adoption kennel at the time that were still available…Special thanks to Doge Community for their kindness and generosity.” All applicants still had to engage in the interview process in order to make sure that the animals were in good hands.

As for the beneficiary herself, she did not adopt a dog. Rather, she is just a dog lover who wanted to use her financial luck to do something positive for the community. Her kindness had a snowballing effect, in the best way possible. Halifax had just rescued 42 dogs from a dog-fighting ring and were almost at total capacity. Paying for the fees allowed for dogs to be adopted quickly, creating more room for these new rescues.

Further, According to the shelter’s Community Outreach Director Barry Kukes, “Many adopters that day were unaware that the adoption had already been paid but decided to pay it forward and gave the adoption fee as a donation as well…There are good people in Daytona Beach, FL and we are very grateful for the donation from Doge Community.”