Ariana Grande Partners With BetterHelp to Give Away $5 Million in Free Therapy for World Mental Health Day

By Darby Jones October 11, 2021
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Ariana Grande has teamed up with digital therapy platform BetterHelp once again, this time to provide mental health support for her fans on World Mental Health Day. The pop singer announced on social media that they will be giving away $5 million in free therapy.

“I acknowledge that there are very real barriers when it comes to accessing mental health resources, and while this is only one small gesture (and a much larger systemic problem remains) I wanted to do this again with @betterhelp in hopes of bringing access to a few more people and perhaps inspiring a few of you to try something new and prioritize your own healing,” she captioned her post.


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This is not the first time Grande has partnered with BetteHelp – they teamed up back in June to give away $1 million of free therapy. “Healing is not linear or easy but you are worth the effort and time, I promise!” she wrote at the time.

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