Best friends find out they are in fact sisters

By Zoe Larson March 5, 2021
Unbelievable but true!

Imagine finding out as an adult that your best friend is your biological sibling. That is exactly what happened to Cassandra Madison, 32, and Julia Tinetti, 31, who met in 2013 while working at a restaurant in New Haven, CT. The pair instantly became close friends after discovering that they both had tattoos of the Dominican flag, and it turns out that was not all they had in common.

Both women were born in the Dominican Republic and were adopted as babies. When they met working at the restaurant it was clear that they had a lot in common, from their personalities to their uncanny resemblance to each other. Customers and co-workers would often confuse the two, and they joked that they were sisters, dressing alike and wearing tops that read ‘big sister’ and ‘little sister’.

The odds that two people would end up working at the same place thirty years after they were adopted are slim, but the similarities between the women were undeniable. CNN reported that at one point, Tinetti and Madison did look into the possibility of having the same biological mother, but their adoption papers said otherwise, and they moved on.

In 2018, Madison’s adoptive mother gave her a DNA test for Christmas. After getting the results, she was able to connect with her biological father and it was revealed that there was actually a chance that she and Tinetti were biologically related.

Madison, who had moved to Virginia in 2015, made the drive to Connecticut with a DNA test for Tinetti. Tinetti agreed to take the test, and in January, they received the results.

“I was like, ‘This is it,’ and I waited for probably like 10 minutes before I even opened it, because I was trying to prepare myself for what was going to be there,” Tinetti told CNN.

The DNA test results confirmed what Tinetti and Madison had suspected for so long — they were, in fact, biological sisters. The discovery not only strengthened the existing friendship but has also allowed them to reconnect with their biological family in the Dominican Republic.

Tinetti joked as she told the Washington Post, “I will forever be her annoying little sister.”