Boy Sells Cherished Pokémon Card Collection to Help Pay for His Dog’s Vet Bills

After learning that his 4-month-old puppy needed expensive life-saving medical treatments, Bryson Kliemann put up a wooden sign on his front lawn: “Pokémon 4 Sale.” When asked why he would do such a selfless thing, Bryson responded: “I didn’t want to lose my friend.”

To an 8-year-old boy, a Pokémon card collection can mean the world. But for Bryson Kliemann, his dog means so much more.

An avid Pokémon collector since the age of 4, Bryson has quite the assemblage of cards. Knowing that these cards can sell for significant sums of money, when his puppy, Bruce, fell sick, he knew he had to do something to help pay for the increasing medical expenses.

On May 4th, Bryson set up a stand in his front yard with a sign reading: “Pokémon 4 Sale.” His intention was to use any earned funds to save his puppy’s life. Bruce, a 4-month-old Labrador mix was diagnosed with parvo, a contagious virus that is often deadly for young pups if left untreated.

When Bryson’s mother, Kimberly Woodruff, noticed Bruce not eating or coming out of his crate, she knew he needed medical intervention. It was at this initial vet visit that Woodruff learned the vet bills would amount to at least $655 – more than the family could afford to pay.

“He is our first family dog,” Woodruff told The Washington Post. “I really didn’t realize how expensive it could be until this happened.”

It was when Bryson overheard his parents having a conversation about the mounting bills that he decided to sell his valuable collection in an effort to help lessen the financial strain.

And he did just that. Bryson made over $400 in the first two days alone, selling cards for between $5 to $10 each. Some of his neighbors simply donated money in support of his cause. Neighbors also began sharing their own Pokémon collections with Bryson – replacing the one’s he sold in his own collection.

Seeing her son’s determination to help their sick dog, Woodruff started a GoFundMe page to further help him achieve his goal and to help other people as well. The page has raised more than $15,000. That money has so far helped pay three other local families’ veterinary bills for their beloved pets.

When asked why he would do such a selfless thing, Bryson simply responded: “I didn’t want to lose my friend” – a testament not only to the bond between a boy and his dog, but the genuine nature behind his determination to save this animal’s life, no matter what the cost.