British Company ‘Rental Claus’ Replants Your Christmas Tree Each Year and Rents it Back to You

Rental Claus offers a sustainable option for Christmas tree rentals by replanting the trees each year.

Rental Claus is a company that is providing Christmas tree shoppers with a sustainable option in which customers can rent the same tree each year. The trees are taken care of at Primrose Vale Farm in Cheltenham year-round.

Rental Claus will deliver and collect the tree, and the prices start at £15 to £45.

Primrose Vale Farm grows traditional Norway spruce trees in big 35-liter pots. “They spend their lives in the pots. So they are alive, happy and healthy in their pots,” Paul Keene, growing manager, told BBC. “Then, we rent them out for Christmas.”

Customers come to the farm to choose their tree, enjoy it for three to four weeks, and bring it back after the new year. The farm looks after the tree for the next 47 weeks until Christmas season approaches again. “You can either have the same tree again, or choose a new tree each year,” said Keene. “We can get several years’ life out of each tree.”

“We have about 250 to 300 people, families, that have the same tree year after year,” said Craig Tennock, commercial manager. “They actually name them. So it’s almost like a family member to many of these people.”

“We like the ethos,” said one customer. “It doesn’t go in the bin, and it’s less wasteful. We like it.”

Image source: Daily Mail