Car Dealership Surprises Teen with New Car After His Paid-In-Cash Ride was Repoed

A 16-year-old kid paid $9,800 in cash for a car that was later repoed by the owner. Another dealership learned of the wrongdoing and donated a car to him.

Jonathan Fredericks, a 16-year-old boy from Dallas, Texas, spent a year working at Chick-Fil-A to save up enough money to purchase a car.

When his grandfather took him to the Fort Worth dealership I Drive-DFW, they did not see a car they liked on the lot. However, the salesperson helping them out, James Steelman, offered them his Mazda CX5. Jonathan paid Steelman all $9,800 in cash for the vehicle.

Five months later, the car was towed back to I Drive-DFW, where the manager said he had sold the Mazda SUV to Steelman just months prior, but had stopped receiving payments for it.

While the dealership and Steelman determine who owns the car, Jonathan was left without a ride or his hard-earned money. “I worked at Chick-fil-A for about a year saving up for that car,” Jonathan told CBS 11. “That’s the most frustrating part is how long I worked saving up for it.”

Recently, Frank Kent Motor Company saw Jonathan’s story and decided they wanted to make things right for him.

“After seeing the story initially on CBS Dallas – we at Frank Kent knew we had to do something to take care of this kid and show him that not all dealers are sleazy like the one he had previous dealings with! So we reached out to the news station to get us in touch with him and, after getting in contact, let him know that we would like to donate a vehicle to him at no cost,” said the dealer’s marketing director, Aaron Hoernke.

The dealership donated a Kia Soul to Jonathan, making things right for a kid that was treated unfairly.

Image source: Jalopnik