Children’s Author Offers to Send Free Book to Families Struggling This Christmas

Several authors have followed Samantha Baines’ lead, along with other businesses, such as a company willing to donate 10 free pairs of prescription glasses.

Comedian and author Samantha Baines announced on Twitter that she would send a free, signed copy of one of her children’s books, Harriet Versus the Galaxy, or The Night the Moon Went Out, to any family that may be struggling and unable to buy their child a gift this Christmas.

“DM me your address and I’ll send you a signed copy of my book (already wrapped) so they have something to open on #Xmas day,” she tweeted. Baines also asked other authors who would be willing to join in to comment on her thread.

Some users asked if they could donate the cost of a book, which Baines said is possible by sending £6.99 to on PayPal.

Both of her books feature a female protagonist who wears a hearing aid — just like 34-year-old Baines does, as she is hearing impaired. She told Book Trust that it was important to her for children to see themselves represented in books. “When I discovered I needed hearing aids, I was an adult. Even so, I felt alone and “other”, like it would hold me back in my career and social life,” she explained. “In contrast, three years on, I can honestly say that getting a hearing aid is one of the best things that ever happened to me.”

“I was sitting down, doing some Black Friday shopping and seeing all the deals that were coming up… And I just thought ‘I don’t need this stuff,’” Baines told PA Media. “Some families are really struggling and I’d hate for a child to wake up on Christmas morning and have nothing to open.

“But also, you know, the pressure that those parents feel to make… I’m not a parent myself, but my children’s books are comedy books so I love making kids laugh.”

Baines has had over 25 requests so far, and is enjoying wrapping the books as she goes. While Baines is only able to ship within the UK, the owner of Eyewear Insight, an affordable online prescription eyeglasses shop, added that they would give away ten free pairs of prescription eyeglasses in the U.S.

Image source: Good Reads