Dad Jokes Posted Outside Help Motivate Neighbor’s Walk to Recovery

Neiva Fett has her neighbors to thank for helping her get back on her feet… literally!

Neiva Fett of Madison, Wisconsin had back surgery and was instructed by her doctor to go for walks every day, even if they were just small walks down the street. 

Fett credits her neighbors, Tom and Jennifer Hanser, with helping her stay positive as she regained her strength.

Fett started out by taking small strolls outside her home and noticed a sign outside her neighbor’s home with a “dad joke” on it. She said that even when walking seemed like a daunting task, the jokes gave her motivation to get out of the house.

“When it was really cold, I’d put on boots and caps and jacket, and I didn’t feel like it. But I thought, ‘If I don’t go, I’ll miss the joke of the day!’” she told WFMZ. 

The Hansers said they are happy that their small gesture helped bring joy to their neighbor and community. Ever since the jokes began in January, Fett has not missed a day of walking. 

These are a few of the jokes that kept Fett on her feet:

“It’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow, and she’s been leaving jewelry catalogs everywhere, so I bought her a magazine rack.”

“I canceled my subscription to the Scrabble club. Now they’re sending me threatening letters.”

“I ate a kid’s meal at McDonald’s today. His mom got really mad.”

Image source: WFMZ