Elementary Students Serenade Teacher with Stage 4 Cancer Outside of Hospital

“It was the most beautiful, touching thing.”

Carol Mack of Greenfield, Wisconsin sat near the entrance of Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee as 26 of her elementary school students sang worship songs prior to her move to hospice care. Mack has stage 4 cancer and had continued teaching while battling the disease before her condition worsened.

Mack was a teacher for 45 years, and she also said goodbye to some of her student’s parents, whom she had also taught.

“It was overwhelming and very special,” Mack, 66, said in a news release. “I hope people see how much these kids and their teacher loved each other and how our school community came together.”

“She didn’t have children of her own but has more kids than she could ever count. To see so much love coming back to somebody that is so selfless and deserving, it is a true blessing,” said Nicole Bartnik, occupational therapist, Aurora St. Luke’s and church member.

Luiza Campols, a nurse from Mack’s care team, said that witnessing the moment was “rewarding.” “It was the most beautiful, touching thing,” said Campols.

Image source: Fox News