Family Accidentally Throws Away $25k, Trash Crew Races to Rescue and Return It

By Peyton Phillips August 18, 2021
An Ohio family is releasing a sigh of relief after recovering $25,000 that was accidentally thrown away.

Unbeknownst to her family, this grandma had stashed $25,000 in cold, hard cash (literally) in her freezer. Her grandchildren were helping her clean her kitchen one day when they accidentally tossed out the envelope along with outdated frozen food.

“They were cleaning out their house for their grandmother and they cleaned out the refrigerator, threw out all the garbage, grabbed all the freezer stuff and put it in a bag, and then the grandma was like, ‘Hey, there’s an envelope with $25,000 in there, don’t lose that,’” Gary Capan, operations supervisor for waste collection agency Republic Services, told News 5 Cleveland. 

It was too late — the envelope was already in the trash that had been picked up by a garbage truck and was en route to the landfill.

Capan said he received a frantic call from a customer notifying him of the mistake. “One team was trying to track down the driver and find out exactly what his location was and if he made it to the landfill,” he explained. “If it got dropped there, there’s no finding it anymore.”

Thankfully, the driver had not made it to the landfill just yet. Capan and his team had the driver reroute to a recycling center where a crew rummaged through the trash. Ten workers sifted through the garbage and found the bag with an envelope inside after just ten minutes of searching.

“Makes us feel good here. Made myself feel good,” said Capan. “What a great story. And we’re just glad to help.”

Image source: The Outsider