Four-year-old New Zealand Boy Calls Police Because He Wants to Show Them His Toys

A four-year-old boy called the emergency line because he wanted to show a police officer his toys. So, an officer stopped by to see the toys and teach the boy about the proper use of the emergency number.

A four-year-old boy from New Zealand called the police on an emergency number and asked them to come over and check out his toys. Police shared audio of the call and said the incident was “too cute not to share.”

The call begins with: “This is the police, where is the emergency?” There is a pause, followed by: “Hi, police lady?”

“Yes,” says the dispatcher. “What’s going on?”

“Um, can I tell you something?” asks the boy. The dispatcher says yes, so the boy says, “I’ve got some toys for you.”

“You’ve got some toys for me?” says the dispatcher. “Yep. Come over and see them,” the boy responds.

The boy’s father gets on the phone, confirming that the call was a mistake. Then, the woman that spoke to the boy sends out a police dispatch and gives the address: “There is a 4-year-old there who is wanting to show police his toys, over.”

“Yeah, I’m one-up, I’ll attend to,” responds an officer. The officer, identified as Constable Kurt, drove to the boy’s house — located in the South Island city of Invercargill — where he was shown an array of toys. They said the officer had a “good, educational chat” about the proper use of the emergency number, which is 111 in New Zealand.

“He did have cool toys,” said Constable Kurt. They also said the boy was able to see the patrol car, and Constable Kurt even turned on the lights for him.

Image source: CNN