Golden retriever ‘Brew Dogs’ help deliver beer during the pandemic.

When delivering beer became a staple of Six Harbors Brewing Company due to Covid-19 restrictions, golden retrievers Buddy, 3, and Barley, 1, were promoted to lend a helping paw.

Forced to re-model their business plan because of the pandemic, Mark and Karen Heuwetter, co-founders of the brewery in Huntington, New York thought that bringing dogs and customers together during deliveries would be a fun experience for all.

“Prior to Covid, the dogs were typically at the brewery greeting customers” says Karen Heuwetter. “We knew people missed them and frankly the dogs missed our customers!”

Remembering the St. Bernard who carried whiskey around its neck, the Heuwetters were inspired to put the dogs to work, and the goldens were more than happy to oblige.

“The golden retriever is naturally loyal and loves to be with people” Heuwetters says.  “When we let them out of the car they instinctively want to be with the people they see in the distance.  They run straight from the car to the front door.”

During deliveries, the humans, wearing masks and gloves, carry the beer while the dogs jump out to greet customers with their beer accessories. Seeking treats, hugs, and pets, the dogs quickly became a huge hit.

“People smile and even laugh the moment they see the dogs running up their sidewalk – it’s a fast transaction but it always leaves everyone with a warm heart” says Heuwetters.

Much to the delight of customers of the brewery, the end of the pandemic will not be the end of the ‘Brew Dogs.’ The brewery is dog-friendly, and even encourages customers to bring their dogs to hang out while the humans share a beer.