Gymnast Aly Raisman Reunited with Missing Dog

Gymnast Aly Raisman utilized social media to find her dog, Mylo, who went missing over the Fourth of July weekend after being spooked by fireworks.

Two-time olympian Aly Raisman has been reunited with her rescue puppy Mylo who went missing on the Fourth of July. Raisman, 27, said Mylo was spooked by fireworks and ran off near Boston’s Seaport area. She begged her social media followers to be on the lookout.

One week of searching later, two people spotted Mylo stuck behind a fence near UMass-Boston, about three miles from where he originally ran off. The duo freed Mylo and gave him water and treats as they waited for Raisman to arrive.

 “HEROES. I HAVE HIM. MYLO IS SAFE,” Raisman shared on Instagram. “THANK YOU Carla, Gayle & her sweet dog. Will share more soon but for now going to snuggle with my everything.”

Raisman had warned her followers not to shout his name or chase him. “He is terrified, and the folks at Missing Dogs Mass advised that we don’t have anyone yelling his name or running around looking for him. I was told that scared dogs will make bad decisions if they are pressured, and that is the last thing that we want to happen,” she wrote.

Now, Raisman plans to meet up with Carla and Gayle for coffee and to compensate them for their good deed. She also intends to pay it forward by using her platform to help others find their lost pets. “I am so lucky to have the platform I have, and I know that it can make a big difference,” said Raisman.

Image source: Boston Herald