‘He’s My Hero:’ Man Who Chased Down Purse Thief Honored with Citizen’s Award

“I’m glad that he received this honor,” said the woman, “because he’s my hero.”

On Dec. 5, Deshawn Pressley chased down an 82-year-old woman’s purse-snatcher at a Kroger in Ohio. Security footage shows Pressley taking down the suspect in the parking lot after the man snatched the woman’s purse in the checkout line. 

Pressley has since become friends with the woman, Pat Goins, whose purse he rescued. “I’m glad that he received this honor,” Goins said, “because he’s my hero.”

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones presented Pressley with the Citizen’s Award last week for his heroism. “You’re the man,” Jones told Pressley. “I’m very proud of you.”

Goins said she was walking down an aisle when Derek Vauhn, 58, suddenly approached her and stole the purse right out of her cart. 

“I chased him down,” Pressley explained. “He got to his car and everything, but I grabbed him, held him to the floor, got him down. Did what I had to do until the police arrived.”

Vauhn was arrested and charged with robbery and theft.

Goins and Pressley say they will remain friends in the future, and Goins is excited to meet Pressley’s daughter soon.

Image source: Fox News