Hospice Staff Helps Couple in Their Late 90s Take Wedding Photos They Never Had

Royce King, 98, and his wife, Frankie, 97, were finally able to take wedding photos after 77 years together thanks to the staff at their hospice.

On Sept. 16, 1944, Royce King and his highschool sweetheart Frankie tied the knot at Grace United Methodist Church in Oelwein, Iowa. Frankie wore a tailored suit instead of a gown, and Royce had only two days before leaving to serve overseas as an Air Force pilot in World War II. The couple did not have a photographer on site to capture the special day.

The couple went on to have two kids, four grandchildren and several great grandchildren. They are now in their late 90s and recently celebrated their 77th wedding anniversary from their Oelwein home, where the staff members from St. Croix Hospice care for them.

When the staff members learned there were no photos from the couple’s special day, they decided to come up with a plan to capture the pair’s love — including a vintage dress, 1940s hits, lots of photos and even a wedding cake. 

“It was definitely one of the most special things ever,” said Sue Bilodeau, the Kings’ daughter. “When Mom mentioned she didn’t have time to plan a big wedding and didn’t have a photographer, the St. Croix staff members worked together to make sure they could get their special day.”

The couple’s backyard served as the venue — complete with a wedding cake that had two seven-shaped candles, a flower arch and even a bouquet for the bride. The couple had a big reveal of each other’s special looks.

“We walked Mom down the back steps and across the yard, and then she stood in front of Dad, and I said, ‘Are you ready to see your bride?’ before taking off the handkerchief,” Bilodeau said. “He was just absolutely beaming.”

“Together, they demonstrate that a great love takes kindness and perseverance,” she said.

Image source: The Washington Post