I Scream for (Everything Bagel) Ice Cream

By Riley Kinum June 9, 2021
A Minnesota man turns his quarantine hobby of making ice cream into a career.

Zach Vraa was given an ice cream machine from his mother for his birthday. After he started to work remotely during the pandemic, he found that he had some free time at home. He started experimenting with whipping up different ice cream flavor combinations, one the most bizarrely tasty ones being lucky charms with black cherry frosting. He started posting pictures of his culinary masterpieces online. He was met with a wide demand. People commented below his pictures, asking if they could buy his ice cream.

Vraa started out small. He sold about ten pints of each flavor. He must’ve gotten over a thousand requests, many of which he could not fill. Vraa decided to expand. He invested in a commercial kitchen to make his ice cream from scratch. He now makes 300 pints a week. He has two rules, one- he never repeats a flavor and two- nothing is too weird. Seriously, nothing. Not even Everything Bagel ice cream with a garlic cream cheese garnish.

Vraa makes one flavor per week and his pints sell out in one minute flat. People line up down the block to pick up their orders. Vraa has turned his hobby into a
booming business. When asked about his success, he says seeing the line out the door is a “feeling that never gets old.” Customers can’t wait to see what outlandish combinations he comes up with next. One thing is for sure: they know it will taste good.