Mailman Uses Social Media to Return Girl’s Heartwarming Father’s Day Letter Sent to “Dad in Heaven”

By Darby Jones July 10, 2021
A mailman from England used Facebook to help him track down a little girl who had written a Father’s Day letter to her dad in heaven.

In mid-June, a mailman in Leicestershire, England asked Facebook to help him find the mother of a child who had written a Father’s Day letter addressed to her dad in heaven. The post garnered the attention of thousands, and the mailman was in contact with the child’s mother, Sarah Tully, very quickly.

The mailman shared a photo of the letter with a Facebook group called Spotten Braunstone. The post said, “Earlier today I emptied the red pillar box on Bewicke Road (junc. of Folville Avenue) and there was a letter in a child’s handwriting addressed to their dad in heaven, cloud 9. I’m trying to find the parents of the child as I would like to reach out to them and with their permission sort out a little something for the child.” He continued, “I myself lost my dad last year and as an adult found it hard so I can only imagine what this child is going through. Please, if anyone has any details then it would be hugely appreciated.”

In an interview, Tully shared that her daughter, Sianna, lost her father when she was just four months old. As she has gotten older, Sianna has started writing letters to her dad each Christmas, birthday and Father’s Day.

“Sianna just came into the room that evening and asked, ‘Where does Daddy live?'” Tully told LeicestershireLive. “I told her it was too late to post it at first, but she started crying, so I said, ‘Come on then,’ and we walked to the post box down the street.”

Tully does not read the letters that Sianna writes. She said, “I always say that’s between her and her dad.”

Over 100 people commented messages of love and support for Tully and her daughter. Tully said that when Sianna is ready, she will show her the letter and tell her the story. For now, Sianna still believes her dad has the letter in heaven.